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We've cut off our partnerships with InfoSecurity Group.
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About us
We're not hesitant to make unique things.
Smallman Interactive does what only indie studios can do, and that's deviating from standards, bringing up normally ignored topics, and prioritizing team creativity above income.
We're open for discussion.
Have some ideas or just want to say hi? Email one of our staff members (PUBLIC STAFF EMAIL LIST: Cedric - [email protected], Sebastian - [email protected]), or just send a DM/message to a staff member in any of our communities or virtual multiplayer experiences.
Our team
~ cedric, cedrickim
CEO & Co-Founder
~ sebitro, aqua, aquaticdos
Second CEO & Co-Founder
~ darion, dannu
Brand Founder & Designer
~ sin, aiden
System Administrator
~ garnaxx, "bean"
Map Designer & Game Developer
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